Aldo Mondino. START. Un incessante inizio

dal April 8, 2023 al Aug. 18, 2023

From 8 April to 18 August 2023 the Santa Maria della Scala museum complex will host the exhibition “Aldo Mondino. START. An incessant beginning” by Vittoria Coen. 
With over thirty works, the exhibition recounts Mondino's incredible artistic research which ranges through the use of different techniques and materials. An engaging journey, within the spaces of the VI level of Palazzo Squarcialupi, among paintings on linoleum and medium and large sculptures from important public and private collections.
Aldo Mondino is one of the undisputed protagonists in the contemporary panorama of national and international artistic experimentation, a multifaceted and curious artist, dandy and eccentric who travels through time and space in an extraordinarily surprising way, with an open and curious gaze towards the Orient, the Arab world, North Africa, India, the Jewish tradition .

The exhibition is organized by the Fondazione Antico Ospedale Santa Maria della Scala in collaboration with the Aldo Mondino Archive and created thanks to the contribution of Ars Movendi.


“Aldo Mondino. START. Un incessante inizio” 
8 April - 18 August 2023 
curated by Vittoria Coen
Siena, complesso museale Santa Maria della Scala

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