Aldo Mondino. Regole per l’inganno

dal April 5, 2023 al June 17, 2023

BUILDING is pleased to present, from April 5th to June 17th, 2023, the exhibition Aldo Mondino. Regole per l’inganno, curated by Alberto Fiz with the collaboration of the Aldo Mondino Archive, dedicated to one of the most important artists on the post-war international scene.

Through a selection of about forty works, including paintings, drawings, sculptures and installations realised between 1963 and 2003, the retrospective retraces the ground-breaking stages in the work of Aldo Mondino, highlighting the originality of his ironic and transgressive research that constantly challenged the aesthetic dogmas that prevailed since the 1960s.

Although an active participant in the Arte Povera movement, Mondino foresaw the crisis of ideologies well in advance. “His passion for art in its endless variations steered him towards deliberate opposition to a homologated system, sparking off a process of misappropriation that allowed him to develop a controversial and highly topical dialogue with contemporary art”, says Alberto Fiz.

Mondino’s research has had the power to affect the language of art, becoming a point of reference for the younger generations of artists, as demonstrated by the work of Maurizio Cattelan. In an imaginary interview (but not so imaginary) with Mondino, he has him say, “I was once convinced that today’s society was on the verge of the abyss and that I should be the last of its witnesses”.


Aldo Mondino. Regole per l’inganno
05.04.2023 – 17.05.2023
a cura di Alberto Fiz
via Monte di Pietà 23, Milano

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