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THE POOL NYC presents Untitled (Marshmallows’ Pool, 1982) by Aldo Mondino.
Aldo Mondino's monumental work finds its home at THE POOL NYC, the swimming pool/gallery par excellence.


We are extremely happy to have collaborated next to the Aldo Mondino Archive for the installation at our gallery of the extraordinary artwork of the artist from Turin. 
You will enter THE POOL NYC and finally immerse yourself in a pool ... It’s a very special pool, entirely made of marshmallows’ mosaics.  It’s a fantasy place, sweet and mysterious, and the viewer will be able to swim in Mondino's "waters".
You will dive into a swimming pool where the heady scent overwhelms the viewer. 
Immersed in a sweet amniotic fluid, visitors, enraptured by the soft and enveloping sugary smell, suddenly relive childish feelings and are catapulted into a caramelized world where they discover cotillons, sweets and chocolates. Visitors will realize soon the game/trap in which Mondino invited and subsequently enchanted them.

As in L'Ultimo Gioco (Fish and Blood on a metal slide, Rome, 1967), where a bloodied fish ends its life journey on a slide, the playful side always has a dramatic, violent and contradictory implication, which overcomes the first impression of the dreamy world by Mondino.
Ugo Foscolo and Antonietta Fagnani Arese’s Pool is now ready...
We are looking forward to welcoming you by January 20th to visit the whole house.

Special thanks to the Aldo Mondino Archive, Milan and Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi, Berlin.


Love is in The Air: Ugo Foscolo e Antonietta Fagnani Arese

Opening: 20 Gennaio 2021


Palazzo Fagnani Ronzoni 

Via Santa Maria Fulcorina, 20 20123 Milano 


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